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H.T./L.T Overhead / Underground Cabling work – We are offering to our valued customer as supermen quality range of HT/LT overhead line equipment services. These services are demanded in power industry for installation of overhead transmission segment


Supply & Installation of Power Transformer & Distribution Transformer. Transformer Oil Filtration work.Transformer Total Overhauling like Leak Attending & Re-gasketing work.
High-ring of Distribution / Power Transformer on Monthly basis.

H.T/L.T. Panel

Supply & Installation work of all types of Panels.  Distribution Panel. RMU / H.T. Breaker Panel.  L.T. Breaker Panel  APFC Panel. Fire Panel. Auto Changeover Panel / Synchronizing Panel. Street Light Panel work.

D. G. Set

All Types of 15KVA TO 3000KVA H.T/L.T D.G.Set Installation work like civil foundation, Earthing, Cabling, and installation & with Syn. & 30Mtr /18Mtr height M. S. Fabrication Stack work with structure Architecture Design for M. S.Work & Civil Foundation work.
We offer Genset on Hiring basic Ground Mounted / Vehicle Mounted 15KVA TO 750KVA D. G. Set on Monthly / Daily basic.

Solar Work

We undertake Rooftop / Ground Mounted Solar Installation on Grid / off Grid Pan Maharashtra Area.Solar Structure Fabrication work & Civil work for Roof Top / Ground Mounted installation with AC / DC Cabling & ACDB / DCDB Installation work. Supply & installation of Net Metering Hardware material like, Generation Meter Panel, Block Type C.T Panel, Metering Kiosk, ABT Meter with communication cable & Billing modem unit.

Allied Work

 Earthing work- All Type of Earthing like: Chemical Bore Type Earthing. Plate Type Earthing.Pipe/Rod Type Earthing with civil work.  All Type of Earth Pit Testing work. H.T. & L.T Cable Hi-Pod Testing work.All Type of Jointing Kit like Straight Through Jointing Kit & Touch Proof Jointing Kit & ID, OD Jointing Kit. Supply & Installation of Two Pole Structure work as per MSEDCL Specification & Servicing of GOD, D.O. & LA.


We Offer Services Lionizing With MSEDCL Authority & Electrical Inspector Authority For Following H. T. Consumer Load Sanction & Release Work. Load Enhancement Or Load Reduction Of H. In Industrial OR Commercial. Commercial And Residential Complex Load Sanction & WCR  Upto KWH Meter Release Work. Solar Net Metering Sanction & Release With Supply OfH. T& L.T Hardware With Panels & Cabling Work. 15KVA TO 3000KVA D.G. Set Drawing Approval,Charging Permission & Registration Works Pan Maharashtra. 15KVA TO 3000 KVA D.G. Set Temporary Charging Permission Work. Building High-rise Permission Work. Transformer Drawing Approval & Charging Permission Work. Solar Installation CEIG Drawing Approval & Charging Permission. D.G. Set Making & Submission Of B Form Work.

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H.T.Work is a professional services company offering innovative solutions across various industries. We specialize in consulting, technology solutions, project management, business process optimization, training, data analytics, quality assurance, and change management. Our goal is to help clients achieve success and drive sustainable growth.

Our workflow at H.T.Work is efficient and client-centered. We start by having in-depth discussions to learn about your needs and objectives. After that, we create a unique plan and put it into practise using cutting-edge technology. We guarantee quality control, keep lines of communication open, and offer assistance during deployment. Our top objective is continuous improvement in order to provide value and surpass expectations.

The benefits of switching to solar energy include financial savings, reduced environmental impact, energy independence, increased property value, job creation, low maintenance requirements, increased energy security, improved public perception, and positive effects on local communities.

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